March Update!

By wowno Admin - Posted Mar 1, 18

We've been through a few highs and lows throughout the first patch of this year. We've made many new friends and we continue to welcome new faces each day. Not only have we welcomed new friends, but we've also started to expand our staff team. It was long over due, so we hope that everybody welcomes our new staff members with open arms.

We've also got a brand new Discord Server that we're very proud of. I'd love for you all to join us.

For the month of March we'd really like to push our votes, this is why we've decided to bring back a Voting Contest. This month the prizes will be handed out as follows:

1st : 8000 Claim Blocks, 40% Off Store Coupon, Mystery Item

2nd : 5000 Claim Blocks, Mystery Item

3rd: 2000 Claim Blocks

Best of luck to all of our participants, don't forget that you can also vote whilst offline!

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