Christmas Events

By wowno Admin - Posted Nov 30, 17

Good Morning everybody.

As I'm sure you're aware, it's finally December! This means that our server will be getting a little bit more festive. Our server's spawn has been decked out in holiday decor for the Christmas events soon to come! We encourage all players to decorate their ingame homes or to build something festive for this holiday season!

We've got some fun events planned for everybody, so hopefully you'll enjoy them!


Scavenger Hunt

There are small presents hidden throughout spawn. The first player to find all of the presents and report the correct number to Wowno via Enjin Mail, will win the prize. Remember that you've only got 1 guess so make sure you look all throughout spawn.

This event ends December 9th.

Prize - 5,000 Claim Blocks, Christmas Package

Voting Contest

The top 3 voters this month will recieve a prize. It's that simple. Make sure you vote every day to have the best chance of winning! To see how you compare to everybody else on the server take a look in the bottom left hand corner of the homepage to see your vote total for this month!

This Event ends December 31st.

Prizes - 1st place, 8,000 Claim Blocks, 40% off Server Store Coupon, Christmas Package

2nd place, 5,000 Claim Blocks, Christmas Package

3rd place, 2,000 Claim Blocks

These are our two main events this year, however keep an eye on the forums for any smaller events that may be happening throughout the month!

Happy Holidays from The Pixel Era.

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