New Beginnings

By wowno Admin - Posted Nov 8, 17

Welcome everybody!

I'd first like to start off todays message by saying welcome back. Today marks the new beginning of The Pixel Era. Over the past few months many of our players, including myself have been very busy and hadn't had much time to hop online. Things are finally starting to slow down for me which means I have a lot more free time.

Although I was busy the past few weeks, I still managed to hop online when I could and work on some builds. One of them being our brand new spawn, as seen below!

(you can still visit our old spawn area by typing /warp spawn)

Not only did we get a total spawn make over, but I also took the time to spruce up our website. This makes for an appealing and easy to read look which I love. There is still plenty of work that can be done around our server, which is why I invite you to come back and visit.

Hope to see all of you around soon!

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