Hello everybody, I'd like to congratulate our 3 winners for the December voting contest.

1st - RobinR
2nd - Norsewind
3rd - Blazer1

I'd like to thank all three of you for participating in this months voting contest. You will receive your prizes next time you're online.

January Voting Contest

This month we will be hosting another voting contest. Voting helps spread the word about our server and will attract some new faces to our community so we encourage all of our players to take part in this event. Similar to our last event, you will be able to see your current votes for this month on our homepage, there will be 3 winners, each receiving a prize.

1st - 10,000 Claimblocks, 8,000 In Game Cash, A customized enchanted tool!
2nd - 8,000 Claimblocks, 5,000 In Game Cash
3rd - 4,000 ClaimBlocks, 2,000 In Game Cash