March Update!

wowno Admin posted Mar 1, 18

We've been through a few highs and lows throughout the first patch of this year. We've made many new friends and we continue to welcome new faces each day. Not only have we welcomed new friends, but we've also started to expand our staff team. It was long over due, so we hope that everybody welcomes our new staff members with open arms.

We've also got a brand new Discord Server that we're very proud of. I'd love for you all to join us.

For the month of March we'd really like to push our votes, this is why we've decided to bring back a Voting Contest. This month the prizes will be handed out as follows:

1st : 8000 Claim Blocks, 40% Off Store Coupon, Mystery Item

2nd : 5000 Claim Blocks, Mystery Item

3rd: 2000 Claim Blocks

Best of luck to all of our participants, don't forget that you can also vote whilst offline!

The Pixel Era

Bringing in 2018!

wowno Admin posted Dec 30, 17

As 2018 approaches as a server I think it would be nice to reflect on what we've accomplished, and what our plans are for the new year.

Our server began June 23rd, and later went public on July 10th. We've managed to make plenty of friendships along the way with players from all over the globe. Our server, although still small has come far enough that we even had to change to a better server host to accommodate for our needs. On July 25th we managed to reach over 100 votes on each of our voting links, today we have over 500! In November we had a total recreation of our spawn, opening the gateway for creativity throughout the server. Our server also had some fun Christmas events that resulted in some pretty cool prizes, these events are definitely something we'd like to continue into the new year.

Enough about what happened this year, lets discuss what our plans are for the future.

Recently Implemented Features

We're now on The Minecraft Forum! Our voting command and our voting page have both been updated with the link to the new page!

We've got a New Host! As I mentioned earlier this new host will allow us to expand and accommodate for all of our features.

Our world border has been set to a 15000 block radius around spawn! This is to ensure we've got more room to expand in future updates that add to the map!

Upcoming Features

More Contests / Events

Expansion of our Shopping District

More Player Perks

Expansion of our Staff Team

Expansion of Towns / Regions

Hopefully you guys will continue to contribute you time and helping our community grow in the new year.

Have a wonderful New Year, here's to 2018

The Pixel Era

Christmas Events

wowno Admin posted Nov 30, 17

Good Morning everybody.

As I'm sure you're aware, it's finally December! This means that our server will be getting a little bit more festive. Our server's spawn has been decked out in holiday decor for the Christmas events soon to come! We encourage all players to decorate their ingame homes or to build something festive for this holiday season!

We've got some fun events planned for everybody, so hopefully you'll enjoy them!


Scavenger Hunt

There are small presents hidden throughout spawn. The first player to find all of the presents and report the correct number to Wowno via Enjin Mail, will win the prize. Remember that you've only got 1 guess so make sure you look all throughout spawn.

This event ends December 9th.

Prize - 5,000 Claim Blocks, Christmas Package

Voting Contest

The top 3 voters this month will recieve a prize. It's that simple. Make sure you vote every day to have the best chance of winning! To see how you compare to everybody else on the server take a look in the bottom left hand corner of the homepage to see your vote total for this month!

This Event ends December 31st.

Prizes - 1st place, 8,000 Claim Blocks, 40% off Server Store Coupon, Christmas Package

2nd place, 5,000 Claim Blocks, Christmas Package

3rd place, 2,000 Claim Blocks

These are our two main events this year, however keep an eye on the forums for any smaller events that may be happening throughout the month!

Happy Holidays from The Pixel Era.

New Beginnings

wowno Admin posted Nov 8, 17

Welcome everybody!

I'd first like to start off todays message by saying welcome back. Today marks the new beginning of The Pixel Era. Over the past few months many of our players, including myself have been very busy and hadn't had much time to hop online. Things are finally starting to slow down for me which means I have a lot more free time.

Although I was busy the past few weeks, I still managed to hop online when I could and work on some builds. One of them being our brand new spawn, as seen below!

(you can still visit our old spawn area by typing /warp spawn)

Not only did we get a total spawn make over, but I also took the time to spruce up our website. This makes for an appealing and easy to read look which I love. There is still plenty of work that can be done around our server, which is why I invite you to come back and visit.

Hope to see all of you around soon!

Server Update!

wowno Admin posted Sep 27, 17

We've Updated to Version 1.12.2

As many of you are aware, I've been super busy and havn't had much time to hop online. However I'm always checking the website which is why I was informed that the server was down for a short peroid of time. I contacted our hosting provider and all of the issues are sorted out, and in the mean time I updated to version 1.12.2. Feel free to ask questions or update me on whats going on in the forums.

I should have some breaks in my busy schudule in the comming month, so I'm hoping to get back on track and continue to build and grow our server.

In the mean time, continue to enjoy the server and build your dream.


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